Sammy On Ice

Accepted for WWDC 2019 Scholarship.

This is a fun Playground Book, with a ‘children’s book’ feel. It shows a baby emperor penguin telling a story. The book talks a little about their society’s complexity, their resilience and family values.

Meet Sammy

The main character is Sammy, a baby emperor penguin. He tells the story of how he was born, and each of the three pages talk about an important characteristic of the species’ breeding season, with behavioral and environmental aspects.


The first page shows an interaction in the contents text area, where the user can complete the suggested action in order to run the code and see the animations happening. After that, the user can perform a screen touch based interaction to start other animation in the page.

placeholder image 1 placeholder image 2 placeholder image 3

In the second page, the user can touch the screen to select an environmental condition ideal for penguins, and when that happens, an action occurs.

Finally, the third page uses CoreMotion to move the sprite node through the scene, depending on the user’s device movement, in order to perform the tasks suggested in the contents text area.